About us

We are simply a couple of guys who sat down and talked about the struggles of shipping packages to missionaries overseas. We heard from many missionary moms expressing their frustration at the whole process of going to the post office, paying a bunch of money, and hoping that their son or daughters package would arrive within the next two months! Sometimes it wouldn’t ever arrive! No-one from the post office had any idea where the package might be, and a quick, easy answer would usually be, “It’s most likely stuck in customs”. All that time and money and care would go down the drain!! There simply had to be an easier way to ship quickly, be able to trace packages and not break the bank!

This website is a culmination of many years experience in the International and Domestic Shipping Industry. In looking at the success of many wholesale-to-the-public companies (such as Costco) we decided that perhaps shipping parcels could be done with the same concept: putting together a large buying group (missionary parents, relatives, and friends) as a single buying entity, allowing this entity to negotiate a very large shipping discount that can be accessed by a single portal (website) and a vehicle to do so (Global Mission Shipping). In order to belong to this large buying group, like many wholesale-to-the-public businesses (such as Costco), a small yearly $10.00 membership fee is necessary. This is the idea behind Global Mission Shipping.

Through a unique association with an authorized reseller, we have been able to team up with DHL™, the #1 Express Shipping Company in the world!

Here is a brief comparison between DHL™ (GMS), FedEx™, UPS™ and USPS.. In the US market.
Revenue: $30 billion $22 billion $34 billion $5 billion
% of World Market 44% 9% 11% Less than .5%
Volume Ranking Worldwide #1 #4 #3 #53
Packages per Night 3.5 million 3.3 million 3.3 million 135,000

Did you know that the USPS merely contracts with the lowest bidding contractor when dealing with the shipping of International Packages? Because of this, you do NOT have the ability to track or trace it, let alone know when it will eventually get to its destination... With the busy holiday season approaching, we would like for you to use our discount shipping power with DHL™ and let us help you take advantage of not only the low cost but the speed of DHL™. One of the main reasons for their speed is the fact that they have over 177,000 in-house Customs Brokers. They actually clear customs while in the air.

It is our hope that you will have an easy and enjoyable experience in shipping your next package to your missionary or loved one overseas. Please let us know how we are doing! We welcome comments and suggestions and even a recommendation from you to others!