Terms and Conditions

Using our website as a portal shipping your own care packages Internationally is a great way to let your missionary or loved one know you are thinking about him or her.

GMS provides shipping packages to every International LDS Mission and to over 220 countries worldwide. Our shipping prices do not include any accessorial fees such as "Remote Area Surcharges" in the case of a destination address being "off the beaten path" as determined by DHL. Other accessorial fees could be "Over length" in the case of a package being over 36" in length.

Do to the fact that your packages will be flying on a plane the space in the plane is very valuable. For this simple reason the rates we have to charge are based on the weight AND dimensions of the package. The simple formula to determine dimensional weight is Length X Width X Height in inches =?? Then divide this number by 139. For example: 12"x12"x12"= 1728/139=10.4 (lbs). (Note) DHL™ will always round up on your measurements to the nearest inch as well as round up your weight to the nearest pound. Please do so with your measurements too. If your package is reweighed/remeasured by DHL™ and found to be incorrect from what is stated, we reserve the right to hold your Credit Card and bill you for any/all additional charges incurred by their process. We will notify you when this happens before any charges are made.

Care Packages to Missionaries in third-world countries are a very unsecure commodity. GMS working with DHL™ has gone to great lengths to make sure that your care package arrives safely. Unfortunately, some care packages are stolen or lost during delivery. This is a very rare! GMS never extends reimbursements for stolen missionary care packages. You will have the option of paying extra for insurance if you wish; however, remember that the reimbursement will only be for the amount of declared value if you choose this option.

In some third-world countries, especially Latin-American and African countries, packages may take a few additional days to arrive. Customers should send packages with this timeframe in mind. It is up to the individual sending the care package to know whether or not a missionary is serving in an area where care packages can be delivered in a timely matter. GMS is not responsible for lost or stolen care packages.

At times, some missions will refuse care package deliveries, or the country's postal service may require a missionary to pay duties before releasing the care package to him/her. Right now we have no recourse around this fact of international shipping. We recommend you declaring a low dollar amount on your care package so that if these charges are incurred, they will be minimal. GMS is NOT responsible in paying any duties and taxes that are owed. Any court costs, lawyer’s fees and all collection costs in order to satisfy these fees will be your responsibility to pay for.

We are unable to give out any mission address information through this site. You can find out addresses to individual mission homes by calling the LDS Church's missionary department at 1-801-240-2222. No reimbursements will be made for undelivered care packages due to customer error. Please enter your addresses carefully and completely.