Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. During the checkout process you will provide shipping, billing and credit card information for the purpose of fulfilling your order. You will also be given the option to opt-in to our bi-monthly email newsletter. Following order placement, you will receive an email notification of your delivery confirmation for your order. Unless you have opted-in to our bi-monthly email newsletter (or additional order information is needed), we will not use your email address again.

Additionally, we will store your credit card # for up to 6 months after each shipment you make for the sole purpose in paying any applicable duties and taxes incurred at Customs from your package. We will notify you via email of the charge before we charge your card. By shipping with us, you agree to the payment of these duties and taxes and any collection costs if your card is not able to be charged or if you are not able to furnish us with a credit card that can pay for these. We do not mark up these duties and taxes in any way. We only pass them on to you to be paid. We recommend you not ship expensive valuables as these items will most definitely have taxes and duties incurred. GMS will not be responsible in any way for the way you filled out the necessary forms.

We will not sale, distribute or use any contact information you provide for any other purpose other than fulfilling your order.