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World-class carriers do all the shipping. An agent of an authorized reseller of DHL™ will consult with you directly, giving you exceptional customer service and incredible savings. The information gathered here will only be used to create your personalized shipping quote. We will not share, sell or trade your information with any other company or organization.
Many people have asked us if they can use this website to ship items Internationally for their businesses. While this particular website and concept is tied to shipping to loved ones and missionaries all over the world (Internationally only), we won't be able to ship your companies items using this website or portal. HOWEVER, we are associated with a company that can offer DEEP discounts based on their grouped buying power. We can't guarantee it but 99 times out of 100 we can get your company huge savings in shipping internationally (Import and Export) as well as Domestic heavy freight such as Truckload and Less Than Truck Load freight (Over the road). Please fill out the below quick form and submit it and we will have a representative contact you within 48 hours.

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